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AI and the future of news


AI is central to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s mission to explore the future of journalism worldwide. Since 2016, we have worked with journalists and editors, technologists, and others to better understand what the development of artificial intelligence might mean for the future of news, and published research on various aspects of this. 

Here you can find more information about what we are doing around AI for practising journalists covering these technologies and the issues they raise, for editors and news media executives navigating what they might mean for the industry, and for everyone interested in learning more about AI and the future of news from our research and our original reporting. | Learn more | Sign up for updates on our AI work

Our three key priorities 


We bring research, original reporting, and world-class computer scientists from the University of Oxford to discussions around AI and the future of news.


We host private sessions where journalists, editors, and executives can learn about AI without the pressure to be “on message.” 


We want to enable discussions that take a broader view than “what can journalists and news media do with AI” and also consider AI as a topic to cover, a reason for concern for many journalists, and something they need to try to understand.

By focusing on these three key priorities we hope to enrich a discussion also enabled by many other interesting initiatives including JournalismAI from LSE's think tank Polis, AI Journalism Lab from CUNY, the AI Elections Initiative from Aspen Digital, AI Unlocked from WAN-IFRA and others.


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How is the Institute's work on AI structured?

Digital Deep Dives on AI for practising journalists with computer scientists and social scientists from the University of Oxford and elsewhere to connect practice and research.  

AI show-and-tell sessions for editors and news media executives to talk through concrete examples of work they are doing with AI and share lessons learnt. 

Research on how leaders in digital news approach AI, how news organisations have responded, how the public thinks about AI in journalism, and much more. 

Original reporting on how journalists and media executives are leveraging these technologies to strengthen their reporting and their business models, and how they approach coverage of this issue.


Our work on AI and the future of news is supported by initial seed funding from our launch partners at Reuters.

Our Digital Deep Dives on AI are in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation. 

The Institute’s core funding comes from the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Beyond this, we receive support from a wide range of other funders including academic funding bodies, foundations, news media, technology companies, regulators, and others, and earn income from leadership development programmes and other activities. More about our funding here


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