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The Authentic Leadership podcast series explores the concept of authenticity in leadership, and its importance in fostering healthy newsrooms. Over five episodes, host Ramaa Sharma invites newsroom leaders worldwide to tell their inspiring stories of achieving success while remaining true to themselves. The podcast focuses on the unique challenges faced by those from minority backgrounds of all kinds.

About the host

Ramaa Sharma is an award-winning digital editor, consultant and executive coach, and she is a regular speaker at our leadership programmes. Until recently she was the Senior Digital Editor in BBC News, driving digital transformation across the division of 8,000 journalists. She also worked with the BBC News Board to help facilitate a more diverse and inclusive newsroom. Prior to that Ramaa spent a decade of her career presenting and reporting across multiple BBC platforms, before moving into digital leadership. At the World Service, Ramaa pioneered the first ever digital leadership and social media courses for editors and executives on the World Service Board. In her time Ramaa also edited a number of award winning editorial and digital projects.


Episode 1. We discuss what authenticity means in the context of newsroom leadership and look at what challenges leaders from minority backgrounds face in staying true to themselves and thriving in the workplace with the help of our guests Ruchika Tulshyan and Stéphane Mayoux

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Episode 2. In this conversation with Anup Kaphle, editor-in-chief of Rest of World, we look at how newsroom environments can foster or hinder the search for authenticity. We explore the importance of finding allies and being honest with yourself on the journey.

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Episode 3. In this episode we hear from Yvette Dimiri, Head of Growth at Stears Insights in Nigeria, on how she found the courage to negotiate an array of challenges in the newsroom and how the stories we craft for ourselves can help us persevere through challenging times.

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Episode 4. In this episode we hear from Rupa Jha, a senior editor in India, on how her upbringing led her to find the resilience and self-confidence to progress in challenging newsroom environments. 

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Episode 5. In this final episode we hear from Fernanda Delmas, editor of Brazil's Valor Econômico, and Marcela Turati, independent Mexican journalist, on finding empowerment and healing through collective action.

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