Exploring RSF’s new AI charter for journalism

Arthur Grimonpont, Project manager at Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF)
6th December 2023
13:00 - 14:00

Back in November 2022, Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) announced a new charter aimed at regulating the use of AI in the media. The charter is a collaborative effort by representatives from 31 leading media organisations including AFP, Rappler, the Tow Center for Journalism, the Media Institute of Southern Africa, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, tge Canadian Journalism Foundation and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

In this seminar project manager Arthur Grimonpont will speak about the initiative and about its members' collective commitment to uphold the ethics of journalism and the right to information in the age of AI. 

Grimonpont is an engineer and a consultant who now works at the project. He is the author of Algocratie, a book on the impact of algorithms on democracies around the world. 

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