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Trust in News Project


The Trust in News Project looks at trust in digital news in Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, markets which account for more than one billion internet users and a wide range of media systems and contexts.

The project involves qualitative and quantitative research, and ongoing engagement with journalists and other stakeholders. Its goal is to understand what drives trust for audiences in different contexts, and to identify evidence-based recommendations for publishers and platforms. | Read latest report

Previous reports

The trust gap

Why news on platforms is viewed more sceptically. | Read the report

Snap judgements

How untrusting audiences navigate news on platforms. | Read the report

Who doesn't trust the news?

The least trusting tend to be older and less interested in politics. | Read the report

What audiences think about trust

Trust revolves around impressions of brand identities. | Read the report

How publishers navigate it

How journalists navigate trade-offs around trust. | Read the report

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The Facebook Journalism Project has provided a £3.3m donation ($4m) to fund the Trust in News Project over the next three years. The research grant was announced in early 2020.