How does the world engage with its news media? In a dynamically shifting global journalism industry, we track the ever-shifting trends, changes and advancements, aiming to connect rigorous academic research with the practical experiences of professional journalists, media managers and policymakers.

Our focus is on internationally comparative research, and we conduct and facilitate research that addresses the most significant issues facing journalists and media organisations in a rapidly developing industry.

Who conducts our research?

Our research is conducted by a team of in-house academics, along with Visiting Fellows and research associates. We also collaborate with researchers from across the University of Oxford and from other leading global universities. 

Support for our research comes from a variety of academic funding bodies, foundations, non-profit and NGOs as well as industry partners. Find out more about who supports us.

How do we conduct our research?

From reports and factsheets to academic books and peer-reviewed papers, the Reuters Institute produces different kinds of research publications. Here's a short explanation of how we do what we do. 

Buy our books

We have published several books which are available to buy at the University of Oxford's online book store. Our more recent books cover leadership, collaboration and climate reporting.

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