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Tania Montalvo

Tania Montalvo

Programme Manager, Leadership

Tania Montalvo is the programme manager in our leadership development team. She is involved in the design and operation of courses in our portfolio and works with the team in developing and expanding our offer to our participants.

From 2017 she was Deputy Editorial Director at Animal Político, one of the most important news organisations in Mexico, where she coordinated investigations focused on corruption, human rights, inequality and violence. She also led multimedia, audience, and innovation teams to create stories in different formats for different audiences. 

Founder of the first fact-checking and disinformation project in the country and one of the most successful in Latin America, she was also part of teams winning several awards, including an Ortega y Gasset Award in 2018, an Online Journalism Award for Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships, the 2018 World Digital Media Award and the National Journalism Award in Mexico. She was also part of the team that was a finalist in the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award

A Mexican reporter and editor, Montalvo studied an MA in Race, Media and Social Justice at Goldsmiths, University of London.