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Changing Newsrooms 2021


News executives are pressing ahead with plans to redesign newsrooms, upgrade technology and reduce office space. But many worry that the full implications of the hybrid newsroom have not been fully worked through.

These are some of the findings of this report, based on in-depth interviews with 13 newsroom leaders and on a survey of a strategic sample of 132 managers from 42 countries. It explores the shift to hybrid work in the context of ongoing challenges around attracting talent and increasing diversity in the industry. | Start reading

The shift to hybrid work

Only 34% of the leaders surveyed say their companies are moving to hybrid working, with 57% suggesting they are still working out the best way to do it. | Learn more

Attracting tech talent remains difficult

47% or our respondents believe that the pandemic has made recruiting and retention harder, with only 17% saying it has become easier. | Learn more

Many newsrooms are not promoting diversity 

27% work in organisations not taking any steps on diversity. Only 35% think their company is doing a good job at the senior level. | Learn more

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