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Reuters Memorial Lecture

The event

Our annual Reuters Memorial Lecture is delivered each year by someone at the highest level of journalism. The lecture deals with a critical issue facing the news industry and is followed by a panel discussion on the themes of the talk.

On 4 March New York Times publisher A. G. Sulzberger was in Oxford to deliver the 2024 Reuters Memorial Lecture under the title Journalistic independence in a time of division. | Watch or read Sulzberger's lecture

Lee la conferencia de Sulzberger en español

El texto íntegro del discurso del editor del New York Times en esta lengua global. | Lee el discurso en español

Read a summary of the panel discussion at the event

Rasmus Nielsen, Alessandra Galloni, Zaffar Abbas and Melissa Bell discussed journalistic independence after Sulzberger's Memorial Lecture. | Read the piece

Read our interview with the New York Times publisher

Sulzberger discussed his role in shaping his family's newspaper and preserving its editorial values. | The interview in English · La entrevista en español

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A. G. Sulzberger's views:

On open-mindness: "Journalistic independence demands a willingness to follow the facts, even when they lead you away from what you assumed would be true."

On the rise of AI: "Generative AI promises to worsen the challenges facing news organisations, unless those developing this technology ensure AI is used to support a trustworthy news ecosystem."

On personal courage: "The discipline of journalism also requires personal courage. You need to be willing to take a simple, easy, or comfortable story and complicate it with truths that people don’t want to hear."


Watch the 2024 Reuters Memorial Lecture

Photos from the event