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Experts from the Reuters Institute deliver research and insights online in a series of webinars. See details of each one and watch back the presentations and discussions in the links below.

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On British attitudes to the news media during a pandemic

Polarised attitudes towards COVID-19 news coverage

richard seminar

Senior Research Fellow Richard Fletcher presents findings from our survey from the COVID-19 News and Information Project. The research is tracking the UK public's attitudes towards the news media and government as the pandemic progresses.

On the pandemic and press freedom

How COVID-19 is threatening press freedom worldwide


Meera Selva, Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme, and expert on media freedom, outlined some of the new threats to journalism that have arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the role of news podcasts


Opportunities for news podcasting and the impact of COVID-19

Senior Research Associate Nic Newman discusses his research into the news-based podcast scene in five key markets. He looks at how popular podcasts and producers have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic.

On misinformation during the coronavirus pandemic

title screen

How COVID-19 misinformation is created and shared worldwide

Research Fellow Scott Brennen discusses recent factsheet on misinformation being made and shared around the coronavirus pandemic. Research takes into account 225 checks conducted by fact-checking organisations.

On news access, platform use and trust during the coronavirus pandemic

Title slide

Navigating the 'infodemic': key findings from our new report on how people access news about coronavirus

Director of the Reuters Institute Rasmus Nielsen outlines findings from report looking into how people are accessing news about coronavirus, who they trust to keep them informed and how these trends differ by age, education, political viewpoint and other variables.

On the role of women in editorial roles

Holding slide

Rewriting the news: women and media leadership in 2020

Director of our Journalist Fellowship Programme Meera Selva outlines research she co-authored into the gender breakdown of editors in a strategic sample of 200 major online and offline news outlets in ten different markets across four continents.

On the role of public service media during coronavirus

Anne title slide

Challenges and opportunities of public service news

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Anne Schulz discusses findings from last year's report on the reach of public service media. She examines what public broadcasters around the world are doing to serve the needs of their audiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

On news use during a pandemic

Rasmus seminar

How do people around the world get informed about coronavirus and about the responses to the pandemic?

Director of the Reuters Institute Rasmus Nielsen draws on research from the Reuters Institute and others around the world to discuss how people may be accessing news about the coronavirus pandemic, and the role that journalism can play in helping audiences through challenging times.