Navigating the 'infodemic': key findings from our new report on how people access news about coronavirus

Rasmus Nielsen
16th April 2020
13:30 - 14:30
The Internet



On Wednesday 15 April the Reuters Institute published a new report on news consumption during the COVID-19 crisis. The report uses survey data collected in late March and early April 2020 to document and understand how people in six countries (Argentina, Germany, South Korea, Spain, the UK, and the US) accessed news and information about COVID-19 in the early stages of the global pandemic, how they rate the trustworthiness of the different sources and platforms they rely on, how much misinformation they say they encounter, and their knowledge of and responses to the coronavirus crisis.

The lead author of the report is Rasmus Nielsen, Director of the Reuters Institute and Professor of Political Communication at the University of Oxford.

Watch the webinar:

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