Ten journalists from five continents join the Reuters Institute in October 2023

The global cohort will explore the future of journalism through discussions, seminars and a personal project.
3rd October 2023

Ten reporters and editors from five continents, representing a wide range of journalistic areas, are arriving at the Reuters Institute to begin their Journalist Fellowships this term. During their time at the institute, they will explore the future of journalism worldwide. Through seminars, discussions, and networking events they will share fresh insights, diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to some of the challenges facing their profession. Each of them will work on projects that are relevant to their own interests and particular area of journalism. Find out more about our cohort and their work below:

Maxine Collins

Cameraperson and editor, BBC News
Sponsor: BBC

Maxine is a cameraperson and video editor based in the BBC News Washington DC Bureau. She has worked in international news and documentaries covering major worldwide events for nearly 30 years and receiving multiple awards and nominations for her work. 

Project topic: How to recruit more women into the role of cameraperson

More on Maxine's work

Sheo Be Ho

Political editor, Lianhe Zaobao
Sponsor: SPH Media 

Sheo Be Ho is the Political Editor of Lianhe Zaobao, a Chinese language daily in Singapore. She specialises in the coverage of local political news, geopolitics and manpower issues.

Project topic: Cross-generational engagement in newsrooms

More on Sheo Be Ho's work

Clara Lock

Travel Correspondent, The Straits Times
Sponsor: SPH Media

Clara Lock is Travel Correspondent at The Straits Times, whose work has taken her to places such as North Korea, Bhutan and Uzbekistan. She reports on the intersection between travel journalism and socio-cultural issues including sustainability, gender and cost of living.

Project topic: Reimagining the role of travel journalism in 2023

More on Clara's work

Hanna Käyhkö

Editor in Chief, Karjalan Heili
Sponsor: HSF 

Hanna has worked as a journalist for 22 years at many newspapers in Finland. Today, she leads a town newspaper published in Joensuu, Eastern Finland, called Karjalan Heili. This 52-year-old, award-winning city newspaper is distributed weekly to 53,000 households.  

Project topic: How to save local media in Finland

More on Hanna's work

Hongqiao Liu

Environmental journalist and independent consultant
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation 

Hongqiao Liu is an award-winning journalist who has been tracking China's environmental, biodiversity and climate crisis since 2010. She runs Shuang Tan, a start-up decoding China's decarbonisation efforts. 

Project topic: The future of independent journalism? Examining the proliferation of China Substacks

More on Hongqiao's work

Patrycja Maciejewicz

Vice head of business, Gazeta Wyborcza
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Patrycja is a business journalist and editor, currently vice-head of the business desk at Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza. She has dedicated her career to curating strong, reliable, and trustworthy journalism and protecting press freedom. 

Project topic: Censorship by SLAPP: best practice for publishers and journalists 

More on Patycja's work

Christina Roman

Freelance journalist and Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellow
Sponsor: Columbia Journalism School 

Christina Roman is a Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellow and recent graduate of Columbia Journalism School. Previously, she founded Immigrant Report, a literary magazine centered on immigrant voices. Her current work focuses on the economics and politics of mental health care. 

Project topic: Reckoning with media coverage of ADHD 

More on Christina's work

Francisca Skoknic

Editor and co-creator, LaBot
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Francisca is the editor and co-founder of LaBot, a journalism platform that includes a news chatbot, a newsletter and does investigative reporting. She is also part of the network of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Project topic: Examining the transparency of media funding: from application to output

More on Francisca's work

Noelia Vetach

Journalist & SEO editor, Aire De Santa Fe
Sponsor: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Noelia has worked in Argentinian media for nine years, focusing on journalism that promotes human tights, freedom of speech and gender equality. 

Project topic: Ensuring the safety of journalists covering organised crime in Mexico and Argentina 

More on Noelia's work

Oumar Zombre

Freelance journalist
Burkina Faso
Sponsor: UN-OHRLSS 

Oumar is a senior journalist and TV anchor with a dozen years’ experience in Burkina Faso, including working for the national broadcaster and contributing to international reports in the New York Times, Telegraph, Financial Times, Washington Post, and more. 

Project topic: Post traumatic stress in frontline journalists

More on Oumar's work

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