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Patrycja Maciejewicz

Vice head of business, Gazeta Wyborcza

Patrycja is vice head of the business desk at Gazeta Wyborcza, a Polish daily news print and digital outlet. 

She has worked in the media industry since 2000 when she graduated from the University of Gdansk with a degree in oceanography. Her reporting specializes in macroeconomics, monetary policy, international economic relations, trade, and economic policies.  

She is also passionate about researching and reporting on the climate crisis and energetic transformation issues, and the ocean's role as Earth's thermoregulator. 

Patrycja has a history of leading large editorial projects that result in significant international coverage. In addition to her role as a manager, she regularly provides commentary, interviews, and columns. She is also currently developing Gazeta Wyborcza's digital operations, serving as a podcast host, and as a commentator on TOK FM radio. 

She is an alumna of Leadership Academy for Poland, one of the most competitive leadership programs in the country run jointly with faculty from the Harvard Kennedy School. In her spare time, she loves wandering, creating collages, and digging into the fields of neurobiology and mid-century modern design. 

Project topic: Censorship by SLAPP: best practice for publishers and journalists 

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