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Murillo Camarotto

Reporter, Valor Econômico

Murillo Camarotto is a reporter for Valor Econômico, one of the most influential business newspapers of Latin America. He is based at the Brasília office, but initially worked in the São Paulo headquarters and then in the Brazilian North and Northeast region, as a correspondent. Valor Econômico is owned by Grupo Globo, the biggest Brazilian media conglomerate.

In his early career Murillo wrote daily news about business and financial markets. As a correspondent, he produced a wide range of special reports, mostly covering the significant social changes that have been taking place in the Brazilian Northeast. During this period, Murillo was awarded the Itaú and ANTF journalism prizes. 

Murillo has been one of the leading reporters covering the “Car Wash” investigation, which has changed the political landscape in Brazil with the imprisonment of former President Lula Da Silva.

Murillo has gained extensive international experience having travelled to and written pieces on Asia, Europe and Latin America. He also writes both opinion articles and editorials.

He is co-author of the documentary “Secret Society”, which looks into the changes of the rights of mentally ill people after mental health reform of 2001. The film was a finalist in the Nice da Silveira Prize and has been used in psychology graduate classes since.  

Murillo is addicted to football and is a passionate fan of Palmeiras.