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Reuters Institute researchers: specialisms, expertise and contact details:

For general media and communications enquiries call RISJ press office: 01865 611098 (office) or 07779 422497 (24/7)


Or see list of specialist research areas and expertise below (Reuters Institute Director at top, then in alphabetical order):



Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Professor of Political Communication, University of Oxford and Director of the Reuters Institute 

c/- Head of Communications -  01865 611098/ 07779 422497 Twitter @rasmuskleis 


Dr Alexandra Borchardt, Director of Leadership Programmes

Research topics and expertise:

Leadership and people management in media organisations

Talent recruitment and diversity 

Supporting quality journalism

Brexit coverage in Europe

Contact: E:  Twitter: @alexaborchardt


Dr J. Scott Brennen, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Scientific misinformation;

Science communication;

Online misinformation;

Digital media and journalism;

History of science and technology

Contact: E: Twitter: @jsbrennen 07950479446 (direct line)


Dr Richard Fletcher, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Audience research;

Digital news consumption;

Social media;


Paying for news

Contact: E:, Twitter: @dragz, Phone: 01865 611075


Dr Lucas Graves: Senior Research Fellow, acting Director of Research

Research topics and expertise:

Political fact-checking;

Online misinformation;

Public affairs journalism;

Digital media and politics

Contact: E: Twitter: @gravesmatter 01865 611304 (direct line)


Dr Joy Jenkins: Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Local media;

Digital media and newsrooms;

Lifestyle journalism;

Gender and media

Contact: E: Twitter: @joyjenkins 01865 611097 (direct line)


Dr Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Audience research;

Digital news consumption;

Trust in news;

Political communication

Contact: E: Twitter: @antoniskalog 01865 274393


Dr Silvia Majó-Vázquez, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Digital Audience;

Audience Polarisation;

Social Media News Consumption;

Disinformation Operations;

Digital-born outlets

Contact: E:  Twitter: @silviamajo 01865 611098 (Comms’ office)


Nic Newman, Senior Research Associate

Research topics and expertise:

Changing Audience Behaviour

Technology Trends;

Impact of Platforms and Social Media

New Business Models

Editorial Analytics, and Other Data Uses

Contact: E:  Twitter: @nicnewman 01865 611098 (Comms’ office)


Julie Posetti: Senior Research Fellow; Journalism Innovation Project lead

Research topics and expertise:

Freedom of expression and Digital Age threats (e.g. surveillance & source protection erosion);

Disinformation and journalism; journalism safety (on and offline);

Gender and journalism (including online harassment);

Investigative journalism;

Digital innovation and newsroom transformation;

Social journalism;

Audio storytelling and podcasting;

Audience engagement


Contact: Twitter: @julieposetti E: