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Reuters Institute researchers: specialisms, expertise and contact details:

For general media and communications enquiries call RISJ press office: 01865 611099 (office) or 07765 998581 (out of hours)

Or, see list of specialist research areas and expertise below (Reuters Institute Director at top, then in alphabetical order):


Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Professor of Political Communication, University of Oxford and Director of the Reuters Institute 

Research topics and expertise:

  • Impact of platforms and social media
  • Online misinformation
  • Political communication
  • Audience research
  • Business of news
  • Digital media and journalism
  • Media policy
  • The work of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Twitter @rasmuskleis 


Dr J. Scott Brennen, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

  • Scientific misinformation
  • Science communication
  • Online misinformation
  • Digital media and journalism
  • History of science and technology

Contact: E: / Twitter: @jsbrennen


Dr Richard Fletcher, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

  • Audience research
  • Digital news consumption
  • Social media
  • Polarisation
  • Paying for news

Contact: E: / Twitter: @dragz


Dr Silvia Majó-Vázquez, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

  • Digital Audience
  • Audience Polarisation
  • Social Media News Consumption
  • Disinformation Operations
  • Digital-born outlets

Contact: E: / Twitter: @silviamajo


Nic Newman, Senior Research Associate

Research topics and expertise:

  • Changing Audience Behaviour
  • Technology Trends
  • Impact of Platforms and Social Media
  • New Business Models
  • Editorial Analytics, and Other Data Uses

Contact: E: / Twitter: @nicnewman


Anne Schulz, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

  • News Audience Research
  • Populism
  • Media Psychology
  • Alternative Media
  • Public Service News

Contact: E: / Twitter: @annisch


Meera Selva, Director, Journalist Fellowship Programme

Research topics and expertise:

  • Press Freedom
  • Journalists Under Pressure
  • Gender and Diversity in the media
  • Censorship
  • Global Media trends (esp the Global South)

Contact: E: / Twitter: @meeraselva1