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Reuters Institute researchers: specialisms, expertise and contact details:

For general media and communications enquiries call RISJ press office: 01865 611099 (office) or 07765 998581 (out of hours)

Or, see list of specialist research areas and expertise below (Reuters Institute Director at top, then in alphabetical order):


Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Professor of Political Communication, University of Oxford and Director of the Reuters Institute 

Research topics and expertise:

Impact of platforms and social media

Online misinformation

Political communication

Audience research

Business of news

Digital media and journalism

Media policy

The work of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Twitter @rasmuskleis 

Communications and media officer, Matthew Leake,  01865 611099


Dr J. Scott Brennen, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Scientific misinformation

Science communication

Online misinformation

Digital media and journalism

History of science and technology

Contact: E: Twitter: @jsbrennen 07950479446 (direct line)


Dr Richard Fletcher, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Audience research

Digital news consumption

Social media


Paying for news

Contact: E:, Twitter: @dragz, Phone: 01865 611075


Dr Joy Jenkins: Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Local media

Digital media and newsrooms

Lifestyle journalism

Gender and media

Contact: E: Twitter: @joyjenkins 01865 611097 (direct line)


Dr Silvia Majó-Vázquez, Research Fellow

Research topics and expertise:

Digital Audience

Audience Polarisation

Social Media News Consumption

Disinformation Operations

Digital-born outlets

Contact: E:  Twitter: @silviamajo 01865 611098 (Comms’ office)


Nic Newman, Senior Research Associate

Research topics and expertise:

Changing Audience Behaviour

Technology Trends

Impact of Platforms and Social Media

New Business Models

Editorial Analytics, and Other Data Uses

Contact: E:  Twitter: @nicnewman 01865 611098 (Comms’ office)