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Dr David Levy


David Levy has been RISJ Director since September 2008. As Director he has an overview of all the Institute’s activities. As well as covering the full range of issues around developments in journalism he has particular expertise in public service broadcasting, media regulation and the interaction between digital technology and media regulation both within the UK and Europe. 

Before joining the Institute he was Controller, Public Policy at the BBC until 2007 where he led the BBC's policy for the Charter Review and was in charge of public policy & regulation. Prior to his BBC policy role he worked as a journalist, first for the BBC World Service and then for BBC News and Current Affairs; as a radio producer and reporter on File on 4; as a TV reporter on Newsnight, and as Editor of Analysis on Radio 4.

He was a Visiting Professor at Sciences Po in Paris from April to June 2012 and in 2008 served as the sole foreign member of the French Commission established by President Sarkozy to review the future of the French public service broadcaster, France Télévisions. He was a Board member of the French international Broadcaster, France 24, between 2009 and 2012, and a non-Executive member of the Content Board of the UK Communications Regulator Ofcom between 2011 and 2017. He has also been a non-Executive member of the UK Statistics Authority since July 2012.

His publications (full list below) include ‘Europe's Digital Revolution: Broadcasting Regulation, the EU and the Nation State’, Routledge 1999/2001, and joint editor with Rasmus Kleis Nielsen of 'The Changing Business of Journalism and its Implications for Democracy(Reuters Institute 2010) and joint editorship with Nic Newman of the annual Reuters Institute Digital News Report (Reuters Institute 2012-18).

He speaks regularly at industry and academic events and writes for various outlets including the European Journalism Observatory where RISJ is the UK host institution. Articles by him can also be found under the news section of the website.

In addition to his role as Director of the RISJ, Dr Levy is a Governing Body Fellow of Green Templeton College, and a member of the General Purposes Committee of the Department of Politics and International Relations. He holds degrees from the Universities of York, LSE and Oxford where he did his DPhil at Nuffield College where he is an Associate Member.

David is also a member of the RISJ's Steering Committee and Editorial Committee.