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Dr Anne Schulz

Research Associate

Anne Schulz is a Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. She works on the Digital News Project and is a researcher on the Digital News Report. She uses survey data to study news consumption across countries.

Before coming to Oxford, Anne was employed as a research assistant at the Department of Mass Communication and Media Research (IKMZ) at the University of Zurich in Switzerland where she was working on the project "Populism in the Context of Globalization and Mediatization". In her doctoral thesis she studied populist citizens' media perceptions and media use. She has also published on the effects of populist communication on public attitudes and on how media in different countries cover the issue of populism and populist actors. She is a quantitative scientist with experience in comparative survey, experimental, and content analytical research. She taught courses in multivariate statistics, populist communication, biased media perceptions, and health communication. She has supervised several bachelor and master theses in these areas.

In 2018, Anne won the Kaid-Sanders Best Article of the Year Award (with Philipp Mueller, Christian Schemer, Martin Wettstein, Dominique Wirz, Sven Engesser, and Werner Wirth) for The Polarizing Impact of News Coverage on Populist Attitudes in the Public”. She has won best conference papers in the political communication (2018) and media effects (2017 and 2011) divisions of the German Communication Association for her work on populist communication, populist media perceptions, and the spiral of silence.

Anne completed her PhD studies in summer 2019. Prior to her doctorate, she was studying communication science (major), psychology (minor) and sociology (minor) at the University of Zurich (Master of Arts, 2014) and at the University of Erfurt, Germany (Bachelor of Arts, 2011). During her studies she also visited the Université de Picardie Jules Vernes, France.

For information on Anne’s publications, see her Google Scholar profile.