Join our Global Journalism Seminar Series online from October to December 2023

Our events feature high-profile speakers such as KC Schaper, Anthony Feinstein, Connie Walker, Anas, Apar Gupta and Dr Friederike Otto.
26th September 2023

We are excited to present our series of Global Journalism Seminars from October to December 2023. Our guests will join us from across four continents to discuss some of journalism's most pressing issues, including press freedom, the stresses of frontline reporting and how to cover challenging beats. They will also share how their use of tools like graphic journalism, documentaries and collaborative networks helps them cover important stories around the world.

Our seminars will be chaired by our colleagues Mitali Mukherjee and Caithlin Mercer. They are part of our Journalist Fellowship Programme and are open to the public. Sign up for each event in the links below. All seminars take place at 13:00 on Wednesdays. 

?11 October. On the art of graphic journalism. Hear from the Washington Post’s project editor KC Schaper about their Searching for Maura project. This moving illustrated story traces the missing remains of a Filipina woman taken to the U.S. for the World’s Fair in 1904. The reporting project was turned into an immersive comic, translated into Tagalog, and can be purchased in book form in English or Tagalog. | Sign up now

? 18 October. On the stresses of frontline journalism. Hear from professor of psychiatry Dr. Anthony Feinstein and former Colombian journalist fellow Laura Dulce Romero as we unpack Dr. Feinstein’s latest research into predictors of psychological distress in frontline journalists, and weigh up whether new journalistic formats offer a practical solution for those who are most at risk. | Sign up now

?? 25 October. On Canada’s cruel history. Meet Connie Walker, the journalistic talent behind Pulitzer and Peabody prize-winning podcast, Stolen: Surviving St Michael’s. This show, produced by Gimlet, follows Walker as she unearths how her own family was impacted by one of Canada's darkest chapters: the residential school system. | Sign up now

? 1 November. On a network for investigative journalists. On the one-year anniversary of the launch of NAIRE (the Network of African Investigative Reporters and Editors), how have they fared in their cross-border collaboration mission? We speak to famously bead-masked Ghanaian journalist Anas about the success and opportunities of the new journalist network. | Sign up now

?8 November. On Internet and media freedom in India. Apar Gupta is the founder and director of the Internet Freedom Foundation, which defends online freedom, privacy, and net neutrality in India. He will give us an overview of press freedom in India in light of new censorial tech laws, as well as his views on press coverage of new threats to privacy, surveillance and data protection following the introduction of India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023. | Sign up now

? 15 November. On reporting on COP28. With a week until COP28 convenes in Abu Dhabi, we’re teaming up with the Oxford Climate Journalism Network to speak to leading climate scientist and communicator Dr. Friederike Otto – live from the site of one of the UK’s oldest meteorological stations, Green Templeton College. Dr. Otto co-founded the World Weather Attribution initiative and authored the popular science book Angry Weather. Her work has been featured extensively in global media. We’ll talk about how journalists can do a better job covering this year’s critical climate summit. | Join us in personOr online

22 November. On a historic scoop. Find out how a new sports outlet in Spain kept its eye on the goal of news and integrity to capture a scoop that led to the resignation of Luis Rubiales as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. How did Relevo, an online outlet focused on young readers, navigate the scandal without resorting to clickbait? | Sign up now

? 29 November. On documenting the Iran protests. BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker Sasha Joelle Achilli is the producer of a new FRONTLINE documentary that explores the aftermath of Mahsa Amini’s death and ongoing protests in Iran. Barred from entering the country, Sasha deployed collaborative techniques to collect footage and interview Iranian citizens. | Sign up now 

?6 December. On RSF’s new AI charter. Back in November, Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) launched a new AI charter for journalism, a collaborative effort by representatives from 31 leading media organisations including AFP, Rappler, Tow Center for Journalism and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Hear from project manager Arthur Grimonpont about their collective commitment to uphold the ethics of journalism and preserve the right to information in the age of AI. | Sign up now