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Lucy Kueng

Professor Lucy Kueng

Senior Research Associate

Lucy Kueng is professor and expert on strategy, innovation and leadership with particular emphasis on managing technology shifts. She has focused on these issues as Professor of Media Innovation (University of Oslo), as Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute, as non-executive Board Member of the Swiss public service broadcaster, SRG, and of Vizrt, a media technology specialist, and as advisor to media organisations.

She holds a PhD and Habilitation from the University of St Gallen, Switzerland and an MBA from City University London/Ashridge. She is the author of numerous books and cases including Innovators in Digital News (2015), Strategic Management in the Media (winner of the AEMJM Media Management Book Award), Inside the BBC and CNN – Managing Media Organizations, and When Innovation Fails to Disrupt, the Case of BBC News Online. Lucy Küng is based in Zürich and Oxford.