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Photo of Chanpreet Arora

Chanpreet Arora

Former CEO, VICE India

Chanpreet is the former CEO of VICE India, and worked in collaboration with some of the most innovative creative teams, brands and personalities. Prior to this, she was leading revenue strategy and operations with one of the fastest growing media networks worldwide, Times Internet Limited. She also previously led the exciting launch of Formula One in India along with Buddh International Circuit as part of the media advisory practice at Ernst and Young.

In the last decade, she has found herself drawn to developing and stabilising diverse businesses in India, both as a leader and a trusted advisor. Leading the launch of brands, VICE Media and Formula One, in India, pushed her to explore beyond the boundaries of doing business in the country but also innovative ways to building a true connect with the digital-first audience and their evolving expectations.

She has co-authored notable projects on media issues that have gained a great deal of traction. Her work with the U.S.-India Business Council on the Effects of Piracy on the Indian Media Industry has been widely quoted, and her work with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on setting cable tariffs has paved a new way for the digitisation policy for cable in India.

Her thesis at RISJ is focused on helping international media brands succeed in the Indian media industry and environment.

In her personal time she loves traveling with her family and exploring culture through music and concerts.