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Journalist Fellows' Papers

The Evolving Indian Media Market: Succeeding Through Localisation

Paper by RISJ Journalist Fellow

The Indian media industry much like India itself is multi-layered, multi-hued and unique. This report attempts to demystify the Indian media market for exploring opportunity and strategizing entry by an international media company.

India, with about 1.3 billion people, has a teledensity of 91% with 1.7 billion mobile connections and 700 million unique subscribers. There are 525 million internet users led by mobile internet. Mobile, therefore, is now the primary screen in India. It is disrupting media consumption patterns as it has created an ecosystem for personalised single user entertainment. India has the second largest population of internet users in the world and one of the highest per capita video consumption.

325 million individuals accessed video entertainment, 245 million individuals consumed news online and 150 million individuals tuned into audio streaming platforms in 2018.

The mobile user is demonstrating unprecedented behaviour that cannot be anticipated based on empirical data. This digital disruption is challenging the way media companies develop brands and business models.