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Women and Journalism

In many countries, the majority of high profile journalists and editors remain male. Although there have been considerable changes in the prospects for women working in the media in the past few decades, women are still noticeably in the minority in the top journalistic roles, despite making up the majority of journalism students.

In this book, Suzanne Franks looks at the key issues surrounding female journalists - from onscreen sexism and ageism to the dangers facing female  foreign correspondents reporting from war zones. She also analyses the way that the changing digital media have presented both challenges and  opportunities for women working in journalism and considers this in an international perspective.

"There is a lot of chatter about the under-representation of women in British newsrooms, but Suzanne Franks gives us the facts and figures. It makes for alarming reading."

- Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, Channel 4 News

Suzanne Franks is Professor of Journalism at City University London.

She was formerly Director of Research at the Centre for Journalism, University of Kent and a news and current affairs producer for the BBC, working on Newsnight, the Money Programme, and Panorama. Her publications include Reporting Disasters - Famine, Aid, Politics and the Media and Having None of It: Women, Men and the Future of Work.  

This publication can be bought from I. B. Tauris Download the Executive Summary and First Chapter