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From Panama to Paradise. Understanding the conditions for collaborative Investigative journalism

23 Nov 2017

The recent publication of the Paradise Papers is another strong indication of the rising importance of global collaboration for investigative journalism.

In April 2016, a consortium of news organisations published the Panama Papers – the first major leak revealing the scale of tax avoidance by companies and high-profile individuals.

It was a huge logistical operation, co-ordinated by the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), which has played the same role with the Paradise Papers, revealing further offshore dealings, although from a different source and involving different locations.

In January 2018 we publish a new book edited by Richard SambrookGlobal Teamwork: The rise of collaboration in investigative journalism, distilling best practice in collaboration including contributions from Charles Lewis, Brigitte Alfter, Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Anne Koch and Jan Clements.

Read a sample chapter from the book's editor, RISJ Research Associate and Professor of Journalism at Cardiff University, Richard Sambrook. You may also be interested in another piece by Richard published in The Conversation.