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Collaboration – the journalism of the future?

28 Jan 2016

Understanding the relationship between journalists and their audiences has always been key to a news organisation’s success. But in a new research paper, RISJ fellow Anja Kröll, head of department for Austrian and International News at the daily quality newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten, explores the shift in that relationship which could mark the future of news gathering.

"Traditional media - like newspapers, radio or TV – are on a scary roller-coaster ride. They are struggling with a loss of audience, revenue and attention. Journalists are facing, like many other professions and industries, a digitalisation of their business,” says Kröll. “Journalists are also facing an era of active citizens and are overstrained. They not only need to understand the new public and their newly adopted behaviour as contributors, but they also need to understand the audiences' desire to collaborate with journalists.”

Networked Journalism – a collaborative concept linking facts, perspectives and details between engaged audiences and journalisms – is already a reality for many journalists, argues Kröll. But how will new models and structures impact journalism, and what is needed to safeguard its success?

Download the full report here