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Sang-Kil Hwang

Staff of External Affairs Team of KBS (KBS - Korean Broadcasting System, South Korea)

Mr Hwang holds a degree from the Graduate School of Mass Communication, Seogang University with research on the legal status and regulations of KBS. He started his journalist career as a reporter at KBS (97% of the licence fee goes to KBS) in 1995. Although he majored in Geology at Seoul National University, he decided to become a journalist to be a spokesperson for voices of the alienated and neglected.After nine years as a broadcast reporter, he was dispatched to the company's planning/policy team and then the external affairs team: he calls it 'the border between KBS and the society'. Mr Hwang has won CEO's official commendation three times while at the above teams. He has recently been an invited lecturer on The Public Service Corporation Regulation Law at DongKuk University. He wishes for the prosperity and continuance of KBS in Korea, not because he works for KBS, but because he wants his two daughters to grow in a better society.