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Noa Landau

Senior Editor, Haaretz
Thomson Reuters Foundation

Noa Landau is a senior editor at Haaretz and up until recently, Head of the Haaretz News Department. The first woman to fill this role since the founding of the Israeli leading newspaper in 1919, she was appointed after serving in various editorial positions on the news desk - including front page editor.

In her last position as chief editor and manager of news operations, she shepherded the integration of the organisation’s web and print departments and led the news coverage of two recent wars in Gaza as well as national and regional elections.

Prior to Haaretz, Landau worked as a news reporter and editor at a variety of media outlets in Israel since 2001, including Galei-Tzahal, Channel 10 and Maariv.

She is also a founding member of the first Women Journalists Forum in Israel.