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Katrin Binbashieva

Owner, Media Partner Ltd production company

Ms Binbashieva holds MAs in both Journalism and Social Science from Sofia University. She began her career as a reporter for Bulgarian National TV in 1996, when it was the only TV station in Bulgaria. Her first project (which she produced in 1998 and was first broadcast in 2000), "Together", was the first programme broadcast in Bulgaria dedicated to the issues of human rights and problems faced by ethnic minorities. As producer of the programme Ms Binbashieva made more than forty documentaries in Bulgaria and the Balkans. The programme continues to be broadcast to a large number of viewers on Bulgarian National TV.

In 2006 she joined TV 7, a new TV station that is currently considered the best equipped TV station in the country and has the fastest-growing audience.  She works as editor of the political comments programme, "Response", including her own author’s segment, "Blick", through which she has investigated corruption in political circles and state administration. She is also executive producer of "Our 15 Minutes", a programme about human rights, and also makes documentaries for the programme, "Report" related to corruption in the political and social life of Bulgaria that has arisen during the transition period toward EU membership.

She has received awards for investigative journalism from the international organisation "Programme for Access to Information", for contribution to the development of human rights from "Eurointegration and Communication", and for her political commentary at the "Golden Antenna" Festival.