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Juliane A. Lischka

Juliane A. Lischka ( is a post-doctoral research and teaching assistant at the division of Media Economics & Management at the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research (IPMZ), University of Zurich, Switzerland. She studied Communication at the University of Jena, Germany, and Advertising the Michigan State University, USA. Juliane holds a M.A. degree in Communication, Psychology, and Linguistics from the University of Jena (2005) and a PhD (Dr. des.) in Communication from the University of Zurich (2014).In her dissertation titled “Sentiments on the Economy”, she analysed relations between corporate advertising expenditures, the state of the economy, economic news, and business as well as consumer climate using time series modelling. She has presented much of her research at several national and international conferences (ICA, WMEMC, ECREA, EMMA, DGPuK). Her articles were published in the International Journal of Marketing Studies, Studies in Communication Sciences, European Journal of Communication, and Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. She has a background as a senior research executive at Synovate (now: Ipsos), a market research company in Munich, Germany, managing industry research projects on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Juliane’s research interest is in the economics and management of news making. While visiting RISJ, Juliane conducts a research project on the rigidity of media investments, newsroom convergence, and journalistic working procedures and beliefs.”