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Haiyan Wang

Chief editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily

Ms Wang received her BA in Journalism at one of the top journalist schools in China, Fudan University and later was awarded her MA in Communications Policy from the University of Westminster.

Ms Wang began her career in journalism in 1999 immediately after obtaining her BA as a beat reporter for the Southern Metropolitan Daily in the southern coastal city of Guangzhou. In 2004 she became an investigative reporter for the South Metropolitan Daily and during that time published a number of high quality investigations on topics including SARS, Hepatitis B, virus carriers' mobilisation and underground food trading.

Ms Wang has received many reporting prizes from the National Journalist Association and National Metropolitan Newspapers Association. Among them the prominent "Excellent Report" prize was awarded to Ms Wang by the National Journalist Association for her performance during the SARS epidemic. In 2004 she was appointed Editor of the Investigative Reporting Team, which was often cited for its independent, tough investigative reporting in the Chinese media circle.

On her return from the University of Westminster Ms Wang was appointed Chief Editor for the Southern Metropolitan Weekly. Since then she has been working in press investigative journalism and has been toying with the idea of establishing a national network of investigative journalists.