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Emily Chan Miu Ling

Consultant, Radio Free Asia

Emily Chan Miu Ling is a reporter from Hong Kong. She was Deputy Chief of the China desk of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and a senior correspondent in Beijing for over a decade. She has extensive knowledge of the political and human rights situation in Greater China and frontline experience in reporting on natural disasters. She covered riots in Xinjiang and Tibet, went to Sichuan in 2008 following the devastating earthquake, and visited Pyongyang to cover the 60th anniversary of the China-North Korea friendship treaty. She has received ten awards in Hong Kong and internationally for her reporting on human rights issues. In the newsroom, she works hard to support young journalists and shares her passion on focusing on marginal and minority group interests. Emily was a Committee Member of the Hong Kong Journalists Association which aimed at defending press freedom in Hong Kong. Emily currently works as a consultant and journalist for Radio Free Asia. She focuses on writing feature stories on human rights and political topics in China and Hong Kong.   

Her project will look at ways that Hong Kong reporters can continue to cover human rights issues in China and strive to preserve freedom of the press in Hong Kong.

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