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Constantin Schreiber

News Presenter for n-tv, Berlin

Mr Constantin Schreiber is the Dubai-based correspondent of DW-TV Arabia, the Arabic language service of Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster. He is the first German broadcast journalist based in the Gulf.

Since he began his work in Dubai in February 2007, Mr Schreiber has travelled extensively throughout the Arab world, often reporting from war zones. He was one of a few Western journalists reporting from Somalia after the invasion by Ethiopian troops. In Sudan, he covered the conditions the refugees from Darfur live under. On the Comoros, he brought to light a human trafficking route to Europe.

In addition, Mr Schreiber accompanied German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her first tour of the Middle East, reported from the World Economic Forum on the Middle East in Jordan and covered the Iraq Summit in Sharm al-Sheikh in May 2007.

His special interest is in the human trafficking and displacement that results from many of the region's conflicts.

Mr Schreiber holds a Law degree and is fluent in Arabic and Spanish. Prior to moving to Dubai, he worked for Lebanon's leading daily, The Daily Star, Radio Voice of Vietnam in Hanoi and French-German ARTE/ZDF.