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Caithlin Mercer

South Africa
Google Digital News Initiative

Caithlin Mercer is managing editor at Yahoo UK where she works with data and content partners to help inform original content plans on the site’s News, Sport, Finance and Style verticals.

She has taken on special editorial projects at Yahoo – such as global news editor for the award-winning Yahoo News Digest app – and has adapted new software to cover international news events like the death of Nelson Mandela and the Oscar Pistorius trial, most recently exploring live streaming and video formats to present London Fashion Week.

Before joining Yahoo, Caithlin worked as a senior national editor at The National in Abu Dhabi, chief copy editor at Al Nisr Media magazines in Dubai, and senior editor at Condé Nast Independent’s Glamour magazine in Cape Town, South Africa.

She completed a BA Communication Science via correspondence through the University of South Africa. Simultaneously, she worked for NGOs aiming to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids among teenagers. Her work for them included publishing a book of short stories, launching a “wall magazine” in school corridors, and scripting live celebrity interviews for community theatre events.