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Journalist Fellows' Papers

What Kenya's Nation Media Group Learn from International Media Organisation to Improve Business Reporting?

Reuters Institute Fellow's Paper

Laban-Cliff Onserio, a business journalist at the Nation Media Group in Kenya, has studied the way changes in technology and social media have altered the way business news is reported by a variety of UK and international media outlets, including the Financial Times. In his study What can Kenya’s Nation Media Group learn from international media organisations to improve business reporting?, Laban first examines the points of similarity and difference between the media and news consumption in the West compared to Kenya.

He argues that In East Africa, the use of traditional media is still prevalent but mobile technology is threatening to tilt the scales. Now, news is being consumed in a new fashion especially through mobile platforms, increasing the need for speed and agility in delivering the news.

After several interviews with business editors from a variety of news outlets, and a week-long stay at the Financial Times, Laban draws up a list of recommendations for the Nation Group, including collapsing the walls between the different platforms, audience engagement, a digital first culture, and training to help the transition.

As Laban writes, "In my project recommendations, I spelt out collapsing of walls, a digital first approach and audience engagement as quick wins for Nation Media Group. It is exciting to note that some of these plans are in the pipeline with print, television and digital journalists working together in a convergence plan."

As with all Fellows’ research papers, any opinions expressed are those of the author and not of the Institute.