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Visualisation of Academic Research

A Kick-start Award in partnership with NESTA and the Alliance for Useful Evidence, Dr David Levy and Professor Robert Picard will convene a series of workshops with journalists, policy organisations, the business community, and civil society organizations to address issues surrounding the visual presentation of academic research results and academic knowledge.

The project aims to cultivate better understanding amongst academics of the nature of the demand for visualised research and the ways in which it can improve media coverage, public understanding of complex issues, and use of academic research in practice.

For more details on this workshop series and free downloadable resources view the links below: 

Workshop 20 June 2014: Making research useful via visualisation: The case for better visualisation and challenges in producing it

Workshop 17 October 2014: Making research useful via visualisation: The current challenges and best practices in policy-oriented and political visualisation

Workshop 14 November 2014: Making research useful via visualisation: The current trends in social, relational and human behavioural visualisation

View the report entitled ‘Making Research Useful: Current Challenges and Good Practices in Data Visualisation’ (DOI: 10.60625/risj-0kd0-9176) which summarises and further develops on the most pressing discussions of the workshops.