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Journalist Fellows' Papers

After #MeToo: How the campaign changed the way Norwegian journalists write about rape

Paper by RISJ Journalist Fellow

In a new Journalist Fellow paper, Thea Storøy Elnan looks at how cases of rape are reported in the Norwegian media and the impact of the #MeToo movement on journalism. In particular, she looks at the prevalence of rape myths - language that has been used to sow doubt and falsehoods around rape - used in Norwegian media both before and after #MeToo, which gave courage to women around the world to share their experiences of being a sexual abuse survivor. Elnan, a Journalist Fellow from January to June 2019 and a reporter for Norway’s Aftenposten, who has covered sexual crimes and the #MeToo movement, also considers whether the nature of the criminal case, the journalist's gender, and context placed around the issue, affect the likelihood that such language is used.

Image: REUTERS/Issei Kato