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New Journalist Fellows join the Reuters Institute

New Journalist Fellows

Seven leading journalists from around the world join the Reuters Institute as Journalist Fellows this term to tackle the challenges facing the media worldwide. During their six month fellowship, they will address issues of free speech, misinformation, media revenues and technology to build up a picture of the state of global journalism. They will take part in, and lead discussions, produce their own reports, and meet with respected figures in the news industry gaining invaluable insights which they will be able to take back to their newsrooms.

They will investigate a range of topics, from the role of Croatian media in holding politicians to account; why journalists in Brazil’s Northeast are leaving the profession for roles in government; new business and membership models in both Europe and Latin America; and coverage of sexual abuse before and after #MeToo.

There are now 13 journalist fellows, from 13 different countries.

The new Journalist Fellows are:

  • Marton Magocsi, Hungary
  • Javier Borelli, Argentina
  • Murillo Camarotto, Brazil
  • Anim Van Wyk, South Africa
  • Eduardo Suarez, Spain
  • Nera Valentic, Croatia
  • Thea Elnan, Norway

Meera Selva, Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme at the Reuters Institute, said: “We are delighted to welcome an incredibly talented and diverse group of Journalist Fellows to the Reuters Institute this term. We look forward to them sharing their experiences and allowing them the opportunity to take a considered look at their profession and their roles in it.”