Join our Global Journalism Seminar Series online from January to March 2023

Our events feature high-profile speakers such as Jane Bradley, N. Ram, Seun Okinbaloye, Marcela Turati, Sue-Lin Wong and Caleb Okereke
3rd January 2023

We are excited to present our series of Global Journalism Seminars from January to March 2023. Our guests will join us from across the world to discuss some of the most pressing issues in journalism including climate reporting, working with platforms like Twitter and Meta, and reporting on corruption and violence. They will also share how their use of tools like data visualisation, podcasts and virtual reality to cover important stories such as LGBTQ+ issues, war and the lives of political leaders.

Our seminars will be chaired by our colleagues Mitali Mukherjee and Caithlin Mercer. They are part of our Journalist Fellowship Programme and are open to the public. Sign up for each event in the links below.

? 11 January. On disrupting corruption. Jane Bradley is an investigative reporter covering the United Kingdom for the New York Times. She is based in London, where she focuses on uncovering abuses of power, financial crime and corruption, and social injustices. This is an special event held with the Blavatnik School of Government. | Join here

?️ 18 January. On the Wire’s Meta controversy. N. Ram is an award-winning Indian political journalist, specialising in investigative journalism. He is the former editor-in-chief of The Hindu and is now Director of The Hindu Publishing Group. | Sign up now

? 25 January. On Twitter alternatives. Dave Lee primarily covers e-commerce and the gig economy for the Financial Times. His main companies of interest are Amazon, Uber and Airbnb. He is also a regular contributor to FT Magazine, where he writes about societal impacts of new technologies. | Sign up now

?️‍? 1 February. On telling Ugandan LGBTQ+ stories. Caleb Okereke is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor at Minority Africa, a digital publication telling minority stories across Africa. He's reported across Africa for CNN, DW, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, and VICE News and has worked as an Editor with the New African Magazine. | Sign up now

?️ 8 February. On press freedom in Mexico. Marcela Turati is the co-founder of the Mexican investigative journalism nonprofit Quinto Elemento Lab and the website Where do the disappeared go? Turati is renowned for her investigations into missing people, enforced disappearances, massacres of migrants, and mass graves. | Sign up now

?️ 15 February. On Nigeria’s upcoming election. Seun Okinbaloye hosts Channels TV's 'Sunday Politics' and 'Politics Today,' two of Nigeria’s most-watched political programs and has interviewed some of Nigeria’s most prominent leaders including serving Governors, federal lawmakers, and former leaders. | Sign up now

? 22 February. On a podcast about Xi Jinping. Sue-Lin Wong is a correspondent at The Economist and host of The Prince, an eight-part podcast about China's leader. She was previously South China correspondent at the Financial Times. | Sign up now

8 March. On VR and AR for war reporting. Khalil Ashawi is an award-winning photojournalist with 10 years of experience in conflict zones and the founder of Frontline in Focus. Hail Khalaf has been a humanitarian field worker in complex contexts for 10 years, working with UN Agencies and NGOs. | Sign up now | Read our piece about the project

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