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How should journalists cover powerful people who lie? Give us your thoughts

26 Jan 2017

President Trump repeated false statements and his incoming administrations’ idea of “alternative facts” has highlighted the challenge journalists face in dealing with powerful people who lie.

The issue is clearly not specific to the United States or to the kind of right wing populism that President Trump represents. The challenge has been clear in many other countries for years.

Just as the way in which journalists in the United States deal with falsehood from the very top of the political system may help journalists elsewhere, American journalists can clear learn from the experience of colleagues in other countries.

To help journalists confront the issue, Alan Rusbridger, Heidi T. Skjeseth and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen are looking for your advice and suggestions on how journalists should cover powerful people who lie.

Add your ideas and suggestions to this collaborative document and please share this call for collaboration with colleagues and other relevant people. Heidi Skjeseth will be curating the document and we will highlight important contributions.

Image: Flickr