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Anglo American Journalist Fellowship

The Anglo American Journalist Fellowships are aimed at mid-career journalists resident in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia or Chile.

The Fellowships will appeal to journalists who are interested in the opportunity of producing a research paper that falls broadly within the categories of Transparency, Accountability and / or Sustainability.

Applications will be assessed on three main criteria:

  • The quality of the professional achievements of the journalist, related to the stage they have reached in their career
  • Their potential and interest in being part of an international programme, and of contributing to and making best use of the opportunity presented by the fellowship
  • The quality of their detailed research proposal and their proposed ideas on how they might promote their research.

The Fellowship funding covers programme fees, travel and visa costs and a living allowance of £2,000 per month. The Fellowship lasts six months.

Applications are closed for the current funding round.

Click here to apply online

Javier Borelli
General Information Editor, Tiempo Argentino

Javier Borelli

Fellow from January 2019

Marton Magocsi
Visual journalist, Abcúg

Marton Magocsi

Journalist Fellow from January 2019