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Annual Report 2020-21

Protest in Hong Kong

A supporter holds the final edition of Apple Daily in Hong Kong, China June 24, 2021. REUTERS/Lam Yik

14th October 2021

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Throughout the past year, news media around the world have continued to face enormous challenges such as restrictions on press freedom ushered in and expanded under the cover of COVID-19, concerns around misinformation, a sense of mistrust and alienation from certain news audiences or the loss of revenue through the decline of long-established business models. Whether through our research projects, our fellowships, our communications and our leadership programmes, our work this year at the Reuters Institute has sought to explore what these challenges mean for the news media and for those who work within it, while also looking at the impact on society and on populations around the world. Our Annual Report gives a good overview of the work of the Reuters Institute throughout this difficult year.