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Zhou Kangliang

News Presenter, Chief Journalist (Yunnan Satellite Television), Former Correspondent (CCTV) and Editor (CCTV), Photographer, Columnist

Between 1997 and 2001, he worked for Yunnan Satellite TV Station and China Central Television (CCTV) as an investigative journalist and correspondent.

In 2001, he became a news presenter for current affairs, and won a series of awards including the title of 'Outstanding News Presenter in Yunnan province' (South-West of China) and 'Best Chinese Television Presenter Nominee of the Year (2010)'.

In January 2007, he came to Great Britain as a visiting scholar, sponsored by the Chinese government. His main focus was on topics such as the evolution of investigative journalism in the west and in China, media management, international journalism, media policy, online communication, new media and international relations.

On returning to China in 2008, he engaged in a number of activities:

He began a current series of public lectures in Universities, media and academic institutions about British TV media and Public Service Broadcasting (PSB).

The British Consulate General of Chongqing in Southwest China invited him to participate as a trainer in a media training workshop called "Hearing the Public Voice", joining experts from the Thomson Foundation. He introduced the subject of the evolution of investigative journalism and well known investigative journalism programmes on British television.

He continues to write a regular newspaper column titled "the Great British in the eyes of a Chinese broadcaster", which provides a fresh perspective for readers wanting to extend their horizons.

His books 'Reaching the Peak of Broadcasting: Top Presenters and Their Programmes on British Television' and 'Reaching the Peak of Broadcasting 2: Classic Programmes and their Presenters on British Television' were published by Nanfang Daily Press in Apr. 2009 and July 2010. They are the first professional works covering British star presenters, journalists and their TV programmes, two copies were collected by Bodleian Library. The third volume will be published in 2011.

His Masters degree in Communication at Westminster University, London was awarded in 2008.