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Wenming Dai

Editor of International News, Oriental Outlook, Xinhua News Agency

Wenming Dai is one of youngest senior editors at Xinhua-owned Oriental Outlook, a top Chinese news weekly with a subscription of 200,000 copies.

A graduate of Nanjing University with a B.A. in English language and literature, Ms. Dai joined Xinhua News Agency as international news reporter after graduation. Later she went on to pursue her M.A. at Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University in The Netherlands as a Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) Fellow in 2002.

Right now she works as International News Editor of Shanghai-based Oriental Outlook, and travels extensively inside and outside China. She also chairs a popular weekly column "Heading East", in which she invites critical and constructive views about China from quality international contributors. An anthology of column articles in the past 6 years has just been published as a book "Heading East: First-hand Accounts of Transitional China by 11 China-Hands) (Shanghai People's Press, 2013)/p>