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Tomasz Augustyniak

Reporter and Author
Thomson Reuters Foundation

Tomasz Augustyniak is an independent correspondent, based in South and Southeast Asia, who also covers science and the space industry. His articles have featured in top publications in his native Poland (this included Tygodnik Powszechny, Wirtualna Polska, Polityka, Wprost etc) as well as international media.

He started his career in journalism during his studies at the University of Warsaw, working as a radio reporter and then host. He wrote stories for several press titles before joining a media trade magazine.

Multiculturalism, migration, media transition and the rise of Asia are among his interests. Tomasz built expertise in South Asian politics, cultures and societies in the Delhi newsroom of The Times of India – the largest English newspaper in the world, where he also made plenty of useful contacts. To broaden his perspective, he swapped an office job for work as a stringer. Apart from India, he has lived in Sri Lanka and Malaysia and travelled to several other countries within the region.

Tomasz has covered, among other topics, Indian and Malaysian general elections, immigration in Singapore, Delhi’s noise pollution, and ethnic problems in Myanmar. Reporting from the field, he contributed in-depth feature articles on issues including the outcomes of the Sri Lankan civil war and reconciliation efforts; labour in Ceylon tea plantations; electricity in Kathmandu; and Hindu guru-entrepreneurs. He has interviewed militant Buddhist monks, former fighters of the Tamil Tigers, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the former president of Sri Lanka, and Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian astronaut.

After having frequently reported from Sri Lanka, he moved there to complete a book of reportage on post-2009 events in the country. The book will be published in Poland before being translated into English. In 2016, he was presented with the Leopold Unger Award for his reporting.