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Tejas Harad

Copy Editor, Economic and Political Weekly

Tejas Harad currently works as a copy editor at India’s reputed weekly journal Economic and Political Weekly. His work involves proofing copies, getting pages ready for press, and steering the department in absence of the chief copy editor.

In an independent capacity, Harad regularly writes commentary pieces on Indian politics, technology, media, and social movements. Lately, his writing has focused on India’s caste system and the anti-caste movement’s challenge to this oppressive social structure. His articles have appeared in the Hindustan Times, Mint, The Print, NewsLaundry, Round Table India, Buzzfeed India, Loksatta and other publications in both English and his mother tongue Marathi. In his spare time, he runs a personal WordPress blog.

He is a founding member of a non-governmental organisation called Junoon Foundation through which he teaches and interacts with children to provide equitable educational opportunities. His favourite activities include reading in the backyard and taking solitary walks. Harad holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media (journalism) and a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Mumbai.

His research at the Reuters Institute will focus on how newsrooms in India can become more representative.