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Tanmoy Goswami

Founder and editor, Sanity

Tanmoy runs Sanity, India's first independent, reader-funded mental health storytelling platform. Sanity's mission is to explore the intersections of mental health with culture, economics, politics, and technology from a decolonial lens. 

Earlier, he spent over a decade in business journalism but left this to work full time in mental health driven primarily by his own lifelong experience of mental illness, self-harm, and suicidality. He launched Sanity as a newsletter in December 2020. Within its first 100 days, it became the only non-western title on Substack's paid health newsletters list. 

In spring 2021, he was admitted into the Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program at Newmark Journalism School. Sanity has since moved to its own website and is now supported by people in 50+ countries across six continents. 

Tanmoy is also an advisor to the Keshav Desiraju Indian Mental Health Observatory, a pioneering data and policy advocacy organisation. He has co-authored a paper on suicide prevention in India for Lancet Psychiatry; mentored entrepreneurs on workplace mental health policies; and contributed to a book on leadership lessons from Covid-19 (Routledge UK).

Project topic: Mental health storytelling in the Global South

Sponsor: Botnar Fondation