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Revaz Sakevarishvili

General Director, Imedi TV

Mr Sakevarishvili holds a PhD in Sociology from Tbilisi State University.

He began his career in journalism when he was 16 years old and worked for the Droni (Times) Newspaper, at the time one of the most popular and highly-circulated newspapers in the country. From Droni Mr Sakevarishvili moved to the newspaper Alia. He started as editor of the economic department and later became deputy editor-in-chief. It was during his time at Alia that he won two prizes: Golden Pen for the best publication in 1998 and the prize for Best Banking Analysis in 2001. He also worked for the Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2 for three years (2001-2004), reporting on the heated political processes of the time, including forged elections and the resulting Rose Revolution.

Currently Mr Sakevarishvili works as an economic analyst at the newspaper 24 Hours, a position he started while working for Rustavi 2. He also holds the position of author and anchor for the programme Business Class at the TV Company Imedi, where he worked as economics analyst for the weekly analytical programme Droeba until September 2004. He is also an editor for Business (people, methods, strategies) Magazine.