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Rania Saleh

Journalist/writer/researcher/TAFL instructor

Ms Rania Saleh received her master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the American University in Cairo in June 2004. Her master's thesis is titled "Egyptian Political Cartoons: Evolution and Impact As Seen By the Cartoonists Themselves." This study looks at the role of political cartoons in depicting major events, developments, and trends in Egypt since 1900. She obtained a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Advertising Branch, Helwan University in Egypt in June 1996.

She worked as a lecturer and as a PR and Advertising Programme Leader (2004-2006) at the Faculty of Mass Communication – Modern Sciences and Arts University in Cairo, (validated by Middlesex University). She has excellent teaching skills assisting in the delivery of academic education courses such as: PR and Advertising Graduation Projects, PR and Advertising Campaigns, Interactive Multimedia Design, and Electronic Publishing.

Her research interests fall in the area of visual communication (studying the power of political cartoons as a cultural and communication tool), animated characters and children, women's political participation in Egypt, TV commercials, and cultural imperialism.

She is the author of a number of academic research papers presented in local and international conferences:

Saleh, Rania M.R. (March 28-29, 2004). Making History Come Alive Through Political Cartoons, presented at the eleventh AUC Research Conference, Cairo, p.126-139, published in the conference proceeding.

Saleh, Rania M.R. (April 6-7, 2003). The Impact of Cultural Imperialism on Egyptian Life, presented at the tenth AUC Research Conference, Cairo, April 6-7, 2003, p.151-181, published in the conference proceeding.

Saleh, Rania M.R. (Oct 12-15, 2003). The Role of Political Cartoons Concerning Major Events in Egypt Since 1900, presented at the Eighth International Conference of the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE), Dubai.

Ramadan, Rania (Oct 31-Nov 03, 2002). Political Cartoons in Egypt: Evolution and Impact, presented at the seventh international BIMA/AUSACE Conference, Beirut.

Ramadan, Rania (Oct31-Nov03, 2001). The Impact on Egyptian Children of Western Animated Characters Compared to Egyptian Animated Characters, presented at the sixth International Conference of the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE), Atlanta.