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Osamah Golpy

Deputy Head, Assignment Desk, Rudaw Media Network

Osamah Golpy is the deputy head of the assignment department at Rudaw Media Network. The desk is in charge of reporters based in the four parts of Kurdistan, namely Iraqi, Iranian, Turkish and Syrian Kurdistan, and also those abroad including the United States and Germany.

Before joining Rudaw, he was a freelancer for two years, but after studyig International Journalism for my MA at City, University of London in the UK, he came back to the Kurdistan Region to become the head of Rudaw English, just before the start of the Mosul war against ISIS. Rudaw was the dominant source for the war both at home and the world and his role oversaw the provision of news coverage in English to the outside world. His other work included coverage of the Kurdish referendum, the COVID pandemic, and the February earthquake in Turkey.