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Oksana Vozhdaeva

Producer and reporter of the Tomsk Broadcasting Company TV-2 (Russia)

Oksana graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, Tomsk State University in 2004. She then studied at the Postgraduate School of International Journalism, MGIMO (Moscow), for four years. Her professional career started in 2001 when she joined Tomsk Broadcasting Company TV-2 as a trainee. The same year Oksana was awarded a training scholarship at Ural BBC School and studied the basics of TV journalism for two months. She then became a regular reporter of the news programme on TV-2. While working there she was also producer and presenter of the morning news programme and non-staff correspondent of the newspaper "Kommersant – West Siberian", Novosibirsk. Since 2006 she has been teaching a TV-practice course at the Faculty of Journalism, Tomsk State University.As a TV-reporter, Oksana has been awarded several prizes: All-Russian festival "Festos" in the category "TV-journalism", regional professional competition of "Akuly pera" ("The Pen Sharks") in the category "Reporting". She has won the All-Russian contest "Time to act" twice and in 2007 she was awarded the "TEFI – regional" prize of the National Television Academy.