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Ninni Lehtniemi

Freelance Journalist

Ninni Lehtniemi is a freelance journalist and a journalist fellow at The Reuters Institute. Before coming to Oxford she worked as a social media producer and feature writer for Finnish women’s magazine Olivia. She was responsible for the brand’s social media strategy, community management and writing long feature articles such as profiles and stories on current issues.

She also worked as a producer for Oma Olivia, the world’s first magazine co-created by editorial staff and readers using a purpose-built online tool. At Olivia she has also worked as a managing editor responsible for feature articles. Her work has included concept development both in print and digital channels. She was shortlisted for Magazine Journalist of the Year 2013 by the Finnish Periodicals Publishers’ Association Aikakausmedia.

Ninni is especially interested in feature writing and concept development. She is the proud founder of a journalistic reading club where long form enthusiasts gather to discuss long feature articles monthly.

Ninni began her career as a news journalist. Before discovering her passion for long-form she worked as a foreign news reporter for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. She has also worked at Finland’s leading student magazine Ylioppilaslehti and regional newspapers Etelä-Suomen Sanomat and Keskisuomalainen.

Ninni holds an MA degree in Journalism from University of Jyväskylä and a BA degree in Journalism, Film & Broadcasting from Cardiff University.