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Nicola Bruno

Journalist at Effecinque

Nicola holds a M.A. in Communication Science from the University of Bologna and is a member of the Italian Professional Journalists Society.He has been writing about digital culture and media issues for major Italian newspapers (Corriere della Sera, L'Unità, Il Manifesto), weekly magazines (D-La Repubblica, Panorama) and online media outlets ( since 2001. After leaving a job as Staff Journalist at Totem (a technology and science news-agency), in April 2010 he co-founded Effecinque (, a start-up developing innovative content and formats for the digital journalism. Over the last year he has been working on a book on "Post-Journalism", focused on projects and people who are trying to reinvent the information of the digital era. The book will be published by Bruno Mondadori (Pearson Group), in spring 2011. Weblog: